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The navel is one of the Chinese acupuncture points named shengque. It is connected within the body’s’ twelve meridians, internal organs and Chinese medicine. The navel is also the heart and kidney’s transport "portal." It is the herbs direct applicator for moxibustion. Heat and other methods of administering treatment to patients with umbilical issues are to stimulate the meridian’s qi, qi and blood flow and organ health to help prevent and treat diseases.


★The navel can assist in losing weight, reduce fat, reduce belly sac navel through meridians, qi and blood flow, spleen dampness and prevent obesity along with its complications.

★Weight range: Obesity associated with sub-health, puffiness or edema, eating hormones, loose skin after weight loss and obesity complications.
★Digestive diseases: stomach discomfort, gastrointestinal disorders, constipation, fatty liver and chronic cholecystitis.
★Gynecological diseases: uterine fibroids, inflamed female body parts, blocked fallopian tubes, mammary hyperplasia, infertility and postpartum disease.

★Male diseases: nocturnal emission, impotence, consumption, dysuria, sexual dysfunction and others.