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Tianbao health center offers traditional Chinese medical treatments based on comprehensive basic techniques of traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture, Chinese medicine and massage. Traditional Chinese medicine has been recognized and practiced globally. These natural treatment techniques presenting no side effects are embraced by more and more people who are aware of the effectiveness of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

We have a  team of professionals graduated from  Chinese traditional medical schools, each of whom is equipped with over 20 years of practitioner experience. Our success is a result of accurate diagnoses and the preciseness of acupuncture techniques. A successful acupuncture treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis. We seek the root cause of your current condition, not just the visible symptoms. Indeed, this approach ensures our successful treatments and lasting results.

Many diseases may have one or two potential causes. In that case, misdiagnosis and lack of experience may easily lead to complications. Our professional acupuncturists, having been trained to master unique diagnostic methods, are able to identify imbalanced points in the body and provide treatments to the underlying problem.

Are you experiencing any discomfort in your body? Do you feel any pains on any of your body parts? Have you been suffering long-term illness and not finding the right treatments?  We will give you a comprehensive examination and diagnosis and make our best efforts to help you recover.