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The diagnostics of TCM has been developed under the guidance of the basic theory of TCM and based on the clinical practice done by numerous doctors in the past thousands of years . It is mainly composed of diagnostic methods and syndrome differentiation . Diagnostic methods are the methods used to examine patients and collect pathological data , mainly including inspection , listening and olfaction , inquiry and pulse-taking , known as the four diagnostic methods . Syndrome differentiation means to synthesize and analyze the pathological data so as to decide the nature of the syndrome . Concept of organic wholeness is the main characteristics of the theoretic system of TCM which is thoroughly demonstrated by the diagnostics of TCM .In diagnosing pathological conditions , deciding the category of disease and differentiating syndrome ,TCM emphasizes the entirety . Correct diagnosis and prognosis require thorough understanding of the nature of the disease in question . Therefore , correct diagnosis is prerequisite to treatment , prognosis and prevention of disease .